IT Solution

Do you want one Order Management system to manage all of your orders globally?

DB Global Logistics have partnered with a market leading Order Management platform to deliver a single system solution for managing orders in every region.

How it works

  • The staff at DB Global will provide you with your own log in to the Order Management software.
  • You select the ecommerce platform or marketplace where your goods are sold (all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces are available for integration)
  • Follow the prompts to set up the integration with one or many platforms. This step usually takes less than 2 minutes per integration.
  • You'll now see all orders received on those platforms flow through to the Order management software automatically.
  • Next, you'll discuss the various options with staff at DB Global for how you would like the integration to operate with the warehouse systems at each location. For example, you may choose to have all orders integrate straight through to the DB Global Logistics warehouse systems, or you may want to view each order first before clicking a button to send to the warehouse.
  • The Order Management system is set up to integrate with the warehouse systems at all DB Global's fulfiilment centres allowing orders to be communicated without the potential for manual entry errors.
  • If you have inventory set up at multiple DB Global fulfilment centres, the system can be programmed to select the most appropriate warehouse to send the order to based on geographical location.
  • Once the order is fulfilled, the Order Management system will capture the tracking number from the warehouse system and send it back to your ecommerce platform

Throughout the entire process you will have visibility of every order regardless of the warehouse where the order was sent for fulfilling.

Integration with multiple eCommerce platforms

As well as ecommerce marketplaces such as:

Is your platfom not here? Ask us about it as it's likely it's not far away from being completed.